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Team Up - Academic Research & Industry

Through the Team Up programme Innoviris wants to encourage the collaboration and technological transfer between academics and entrepreneurs.

Team Up Academich research and industry




The objective of Team Up is to foster collaboration between academia and industry in the Brussels-Capital Region. This yearly program involves an active participation of both academic units and industrial teams with an aim of strengthening knowledge, transferring IP from academic research to the industry and turning it into prototypes that lead to new business opportunities.

Thanks to Team Up, companies will acquire the knowledge they miss, integrate state-of-the-art and academics will find real-world use cases to apply their findings.




Did you miss our matchmaking event on January 17? Were you one of the attendees and do you want to take a look at the presentations? Click on the links bellow: 


Introduction - Jonathan Duplicy, Innoviris

Cognitive Solutions - Philippe Dubernard, IBM

AI in Brussels - Tom Lenaerts, ULB

Turning artificial intelligence into business value, perspective from an SME - Frédéric Feytons, Tapptic

Presentation of the call for projects - Jonathan Duplicy, Innoviris

Pitching session & matchmaking - Mathilde Reumaux


2017 edition

The first edition of Team Up will be dedicated to Artificial Intelligence. AI is currently attracting a lot of attention from research communities and leading ICT companies. Thanks to recent breakthroughs in machine learning and cloud computing, the impossible seems possible.

At Innoviris, we believe that AI should not just be the playground of GAFA and academic brains. On the contrary, we believe that AI knowledge should flow from academia to the industry and be the source of a wealth of business opportunities in a broad spectrum of sectors: transportation, home/services, healthcare, education, public safety, security…

The Brussels Region, through Innoviris, has thus decided to free up a budget of 4+ Million Euros for the 2017 edition of Team Up dedicated to artificial intelligence. This investment aims at positioning the Region at the forefront of AI both from a research and an industrial point of view.

But, after all, what’s artificial intelligence? Since it appears that each and every AI actor has its own definition, Innoviris has also worked on its own:

“The ability of a system to autonomously learn from data and turn this knowledge into actions and / or recommendations”


Project proposals fulfilling the Team Up conditions discussed below and whose scope matches the above definition are thus welcome regardless of application domain.

Those able to benefit from the Team Up aid are enterprises established in Brussels and having R&D activities in the projects which fulfil the following conditions:

  • The project must involve at least one research organization (university, higher education institution or research center) having at least one head office in the Brussels-Capital Region AND one company whose involved R&D activities are based in the Brussels-Capital Region (the participation of more than one research organization and more than one company is possible)

  • No type of partner (Academia /enterprises) must bear more than 2/3 of the total efforts of the project

  • Companies must be in an healthy financial situation and demonstrate their ability to finance their share in the project

  • Partners must have fulfilled their obligations in the context of previous support initiatives allocated by the Region

  • Projects must fall within the scope of the defined call topic

  • Expected outcomes of the project must have a favorable impact for the partners in the Brussels Region (jobs, expertise, growth etc…)

The project call is open since 1st December 2016.  The expression of interest form have to be submitted before 31st March at 2pm.

Two paper copies have to be sent by post to:

to the attention of Jonathan Duplicy 
Chaussée de Charleroisesteenweg 110
1060 Brussels

One electronic copy has to be sent to and


Type of financial intervention

Financial aid may be allocated as a grant. It covers a period between one and three years. 

Micro enterprise/Small enterprise


Medium enterprise


Large enterprise


Research organisations


Although the development of prototypes is a must in the Team Up program, companies willing to dedicate significant amounts of resources to perform top-notch research activities may be eligible for higher funding rates (65% to 80%). Innoviris will decide on the eligibility.

Since writing a solid full proposal is time and resource consuming and may constitute a barrier to entry, Innoviris is making available a Connect grant to cover part of the associated costs. This grant amounts to a maximum of 7500 Euros per partner (with a limit of 25.000 Euros per consortium) and allows you to cover the personnel costs of the persons in charge of writing the project and, if needed, the costs linked with getting legal advice on IP questions. Interested partners will fill in the Connect application form in annex of the Expression of Interest form.


Evaluation criteria

  • Innovative character of the project 

  • Excellence of the research program, contributions beyond state-of-the-art

  • Quality of the execution plan (workprogram, methodology, expertise of the teams, planning)

  • Level of technological transfer from academia to industry and synergies between the partners

  • Valorization of the project outcomes from a business perspective 

  • In the case of a tie between projects, priority will be given to projects contributing to addressing the societal challenges of the Brussels Region (e.g. mobility or unemployment)


Innoviris contact person


Jonathan Duplicy

Scientific Advisor

Industrial Research and Innovation Team

Tel. +32 2 600 50 52