ICON research programme

ICON research programme

Collaboration between Innoviris and iMinds within the scope of the ICON research programme

iMinds is a strategic research centre that provides active support to research and development, on behalf of the Government of Flanders, in one or more of its 6 key markets: ICT, Media, Health, Energy, Smart Cities and Manufacturing.
In so doing, the centre supports the expertise of over 860 researchers at five Flemish universities.

Together with its research partners, iMinds works on transforming digital know-how into real products and services. The centre also supports young entrepreneurs and start-up companies to ensure that ideas are brought to market successfully.

The  ICON research programme

Every year, iMinds allocates EUR 10 million to research via ICON projects. The projects are demand-driven, provide rapid feedback and involve both scientists and industry partners. ICON projects usually run over two years but quickly incorporate the rapidly changing needs of the digital market. ICON partners take part in the research in order to subsequently integrate the project results in their products or services.

Partners in an ICON project provide the financing for their own project costs. In 2009, the ICON application procedure was linked to the IWT R&D procedure. Since then, Flemish companies have been able to easily access IWT support for ICON projects. One application file can be used for the consortium application for the ICON proposal as well as the application for individual company support.

Since 2014 Brussels-based companies that wish to participate in an ICON project have been able to also seek R&D company support from Innoviris in the file used for the ICON application.

Why is Innoviris taking part in this programme?

The ICON programme focuses on areas such as software development and media. Within these two sectors, Brussels plays an important role because it is a base for many software and media companies.

The collaboration between iMinds and Innoviris means it will be much easier for Brussels-based companies to obtain R&D support from Innoviris for their participation in ICON projects.

As a result, industry partners within an ICON project from the Brussels Capital Region can also benefit from collaboration with iMinds researchers and the contacts with their eco-systems.





ICON call for projects

In 2015, two ICON calls for projects will be organised.

Are you interested in the first ICON call for projects of 2015? Then click here.

More information...

For more information, you can take a look at the iMinds website or contact the scientific adviser to Innoviris who is responsible for this collaboration.

Innoviris contact person


Stijn Maas

Scientific Advisor

Industrial Research and Innovation Team

Tel. +32 2 600 50 67