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Anticipate - Prospective research

Prospective Research


The Anticipate programme supports projects implemented by Belgian or foreign academic researchers who have a forward-looking vision in the fields considered to be essential by the Brussels Region.

The projects should contribute to the development and reinforcement of knowledge of Brussels' urban complexity.

Anticipate targets researchers in human science as much as researchers in exact science.

Every year, the priority fields are defined.




You may benefit from Anticipate aid if:

  • the researcher(s) holds, at the very least, a Masters degree at the time of starting the research

  • the promoter-coordinator is a professor or researcher from a Brussels university or higher education institution

  • the project proposed contributes innovative knowledge to one of the priority research themes

  • the application will be submitted to Innoviris after approval by the University's Rector or the higher education institution's Director

For further information about the eligibility conditions for Anticipate, please consult the Rules (available in French and in Dutch


 Applications will now be selected in 2 stages:

An expression of interest must be submitted to Innoviris using this form by March, 3 2017, 12.00 pm at the latest. 

Following the evaluation procedure by Innoviris, only those who presented the expressions of interest selected will be able to submit their final proposal using a form available on our website. This must be submitted by May, 19 2017, 12.00 pm at the latest.

Projects must be submitted by the relevant academic authorities. Please contact your TTO department or, for the VUB, R&D department if you require any further information.

Type of financial intervention

Financial aid may be allocated as a grant.

It covers a period of two years:

  • the researcher's remuneration

  • operating costs of the hosting unit(s), among which a limited budget (5% of operating costs) for the promoter(s) and administrative costs for the institution (10% mandatory fixed sum)

Funding concerns two-year projects which may, eventually, be renewed for two further years.

Evaluation of projects

Each admissible project will be evaluated by a jury comprising academic experts in the scientific field of the application and Innoviris' representatives.

The evaluation is based on the documents submitted and are sent to the members of the jury and completed by an interview by the jury.

The project will be defended by the researcher(s) in the presence of the promoter(s) and, if necessary, the project's sponsor.


The evaluation criteria are as follows:
  • the project's scientific quality (60%): objectives, tasks, methodology, link with the state of the art, scientific originality, innovative values, schedule, expertise

  • practical feedback for the Region (30%°: knowledge of the state of the art, expected results with a view to political recommendations, popularisation of results

  • quality of the consortium: expertise, complementarity (in case of more than 1 researcher), collaboration with a (semi) public institution


Innoviris contact person


Suzana Koelet

Scientific Advisor

Strategic Research Team

Tel. +32 2 600 50 80