ACQEAU is one of the seven thematic clusters of the EUREKA programme. It encourages and supports the emergence of market-oriented collaborative RDI projects in the field of water technologies. The projects targeted focus on the reduction of the ecological footprint concerning the use of water, the improvement of the management of water resources, the management of sometimes insufficient or ageing facilities, or even the resolution of the social, financial and global challenges facing the water sector. The fields concerned are very varied and include, for example, water treatment or its distribution, agriculture, industry, waste water and even biosolids.

The projects selected in the frame of the ACQUEAU cluster do not receive any funding from this organisation but a label. They are financed by national funding agencies (Innoviris for Brussels) according to their own specific funding rules.

The projects must meet all of the eligibility criteria defined by the ACQEAU programme.
Furthermore, in order to obtain funding, each partner must meet the eligibility criteria defined by its national funding agency. 

For Brussels research organisations, the financing conditions are as follows.

ACQUEAU programme criteria
  • the project submitted must be written in English

  • at least two independent legal entities located in two EUREKA member countries must be part of the project. The participation of SMEs and research organisations is strongly encouraged but not compulsory.

  • the contribution of a country or a partner in the consortium many not exceed 70% of the project's total budget,

  • the lead participant must be established in a EUREKA member country or in an associated country.

  • the project must contribute to the objectives of the ACQEAU Blue Book

Innoviris' criteria:
  • develop all or some of its activities within the territory covered by the Brussels-Capital Region

  • present an innovative RDI project likely to have a favourable impact on employment and/or sustainable development of the Brussels-Capital Region

  • collaborate with a Brussels company

  • have fulfilled its obligations in the context of previous support initiatives granted by the Brussels-Capital Region.

Those eligible are companies and research organisations (universities and higher education institutions). However, universities and research organisations are only eligible if, as part of the project, they are collaborating with a Brussels-based company. Also, no individual partner alone is allowed to support more than 70% of the project's cost.

Applications must be submitted after the project's labelling by ACQEAU. Applications may be submitted to Innoviris via the Explore or Shape measures using the form available in the French and Dutch version of the website.

Type of financial intervention

Financial aid may be allocated as a grant.


Rate of financial intervention (maximum)

Financial aid may cover 100% of the project's costs.


Companies may also benefit from ACQUEAU aid. For further information about the conditions of this aid, see page ACQUEAU - Enterprises.

Financial aid for the preparation of your ACQEAU project may be obtained via Connect.

Contact and additional information

For further information about the ACQUEAU programme, consult the detailed sheet presenting the ACQUEAU programme or the ACQUEAU website.