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Guidance and networking

Guidance and networking

No doubt, one of the most important assets of SMEs today lies in (technical or commercial) synergies, networking and the different solutions for technology transfers.

Links between research partners help to pool the resources needed to achieve competitive results.

The assets of collaborative research and technology transfer may, in particular, be:

  • speed

  • optimisation of the contributions of each partner

  • the benefit of knowledge, technological competences, resources and technical infrastructure of other partners

  • the opportunity to achieve, together, a critical mass enabling the penetration of new markets

  • openness to other approaches to the same problem


Several opportunities for links and synergies exist, in particular between enterprises, academic research laboratories and collective research centres, and with all the stakeholders from the world of research.

Innoviris finances various stakeholders (collective research centres, interfaces, universities, etc.) in order to facilitate technology transfers, links and other forms of scientific collaboration.