Collective centre for the technological industriy

Sirris is the collective centre for the technological industry. Its mission is to help companies, from the idea to the finished product, in the implementation of the concrete technological innovations needed to reinforce their competitive position in a sustainable manner.

Support may take various forms: direct and personalised advice, rapid tests, or collective research projects over several years.

All of Sirris' high-tech infrastructure is made available to coached companies in order to enable them to quickly test new technologies without having to make large investments.

Sirris provides support and training for its client enterprises, with particular attention paid to questions concerning confidentiality and intellectual property.


Programme of technological and strategic guidance for Brussels enterprises

The Mistral programme was launched by Sirris in 2004 in collaboration with Agoria Bruxelles and with the support of Innoviris. It focuses on the technology strategy of small enterprises and its aim is to help companies, especially SME, to define their innovation potential on the basis of an analysis of their existing industrial activity, market needs and technological developments.

At the end of 2011, technological guidance actions and the Mistral programme were merged to create one sole programme with a view to meeting the needs of Brussels technological enterprises in an integrated manner.


Funding by Innoviris

In order to implement this programme, Innoviris allocates Sirris funding corresponding to 80% of the programme's budget, which helps to finance a highly qualified team of 5.5 full-time equivalents.


The assets of Sirris: local presence, industry proximity

The main asset of Sirris is, no doubt, the wealth and diversity of its material and human resources. With more than 140 experts and a high technology infrastructure spread out between seven sites (Antwerp, Brussels, Charleroi, Ghent, Hasselt, Leuven and Liege), Sirris covers four technological fields - Materials, Advanced Manufacturing, Mecatronics & Software Engineering.

Sirris facilitates access to innovation for all enterprises through:

  • the development of an approach suited to large and small enterprises 

  • the provision of experts and advanced design and production facilities for testing new technologies 

Sirris has a portfolio of more than 160 enterprises in Brussels.


For more information:

For further information about Sirris' activities, consult the Sirris website.