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Anticipate - Prospective Research

Full Proposals
When Feb 01, 2018 12:00 PM to
Apr 25, 2018 12:00 PM

Are you ready to tackle Brussels' challenges ? 

Are you a researcher in human or natural sciences with innovative ideas for the Brussels-Capital Region? Take part in the Anticipate - Prospective Research call for projects of 2018. 

For years, the Anticipate action has supported projects implemented by academic researchers who have a forward-looking vision in the fields considered to be essential by the Brussels-Capital Region. These projects help to develop and strengthen the knowledge of Brussels' urban complexity, while addressing the future challenges for our region, without neglecting the necessity of social valorisation.

The fields for Anticipate 2018 are as follows:

Artificial Intelligence, digitization and automation of society

  • How can the development of traditional industry and radical innovations in the digital industry be combined? How are these developments threatening to change the concept of employment and the job market in the region? And will these changes take place within the current legislation and legal context?

  • Will this development change the balance between efficiency and productivity, on the one hand, and well-being at home and at work, on the other? To what extent can these technologies change social relations, the way we are in social relations, or even our moral, ethical or spiritual beliefs?

  • To what extent do intelligent internet algorithms influence balanced awareness-raising activities among citizens in the Region, and what outcomes do they have?

The compact green city.

Which creative and innovative ideas allow the city to be built in such way that it is compact but at the same time leaves space for nature (in the broad sense: biodiversity, green space, sustainability ...)?

  • In what way can attractive, innovative alternatives avoid a dense, inhumane, unsustainable urban development?

  • How can the regeneration of old city infrastructure offer solutions to the increasing urbanization, the increasingly scarce (green) space and the reduced biodiversity? In what way can the densification be part of the answer to ecological problems?

  • How can sustainable management and use of available nature be used to tackle the ecological and social challenges of densification?

Making the invisible visible.

  • How can we make invisible or insufficiently visible population groups in Brussels, and in particular the most vulnerable groups, more visible for policy purposes?

  • Which innovative methodologies (for Brussels) can be used to guarantee reliable data on these populations and improving the well-being of Brussels residents?

  • Which concrete data collection solutions can strengthen informed policy making in the future?

  • Which methods and statistical procedures can be used to estimate the extent of hidden population groups and/or improve an understanding of their living conditions?

How to submit an application

Applications will be selected in 2 stages:

  • An expression of interest must be submitted to Innoviris by December 15,  2017, 12.00 pm at the latest. The application form and the regulations are available in the "Toolbox" in the top left of the French or Dutch version of our Anticipate page.

  • Innoviris evaluates the expressions of interest. Only projects with a positive evaluation can submit a full proposal using a form that will be available on our website in this second phase. The complete proposal must be submitted by 25 April 2018

Projects must be submitted by the relevant academic authorities. Please contact your Tech Transfer Office if you require any further information.


Innoviris contact person


Suzana Koelet

Scientific Advisor

Strategic Research Team

Tel. +32 2 600 50 80


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