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Anticipate - Prospective Research

Project outline
When Nov 28, 2018 12:00 PM to
Feb 15, 2019 12:00 PM

Are you ready to tackle Brussels' challenges ?

Are you a researcher in human or natural sciences with innovative ideas for the Brussels-Capital Region? Participate in the Anticipate - Prospective Research project call of 2019.

Through this programme, Innoviris funds projects led by academic researchers at a Brussels university or college which focus on the future and cover areas of importance to the Brussels Capital Region. 

Such projects help to develop and enrich the knowledge available on Brussels' urban complexity. The programme funds projects in the areas of both human and precise science. The projects pay the appropriate attention to creating valuable research, preferably in collaboration with a supporting institution.


The topics of the 2019 project call are: 

  • Tourism and liveability in the city

    The tourism industry plays a crucial part in generating economic growth and employment in the city. At the same time, more and more European cities are struggling to cope with the growing tourism.

    How should the tourism of tomorrow look like in Brussels and how should it develop?  What opportunities does it offer and how can that growth contribute to the Brussels economy? What are the limits to growth? Is this type of exponential growth sustainable and desirable in the long run for Brussels? At whose expense does the growth come? What answers can be found to resolve the tensions between local and global interests?  

    Projects can opt for a macro approach or start from a very specific problem of a specific target group.

  • Governance of the Future

    The political world and public services are under increasing pressure, partly because citizens increasingly reject traditional political actors but also because society is constantly changing. Whether it is by opting for more digitalisation, by giving citizens the possibility to make decisions or by adopting a more integrated approach, public and political governance will have to evolve in order to meet the challenges of tomorrow. 

    In this call, several specific issues can be addressed, but ultimately, a (part of the) answer has to be given to the following question: how do you organise governance and authorities that are citizen-centred, cooperative, network-based, ethical and, if possible, supported  by innovative technological solutions, so that they can respond to the challenges of a sustainable and just society for tomorrow? 


How to submit an application

Applications will be selected in 2 stages:

  • A project outline must be submitted to Innoviris by February 15, 2019, noon at the latest. The application form and the regulations are available in the "Toolbox" in the top left of of our Anticipate page.

  • Innoviris evaluates the expressions of interest. Only projects with a positive evaluation can submit a full proposal using a form that will be available on our website in this second phase. The complete proposal must be submitted by June 7, 2019 at noon.

Projects must be submitted by the relevant academic authorities. Please contact your Tech Transfer Office if you require any further information.


More information? 

Have a look at the Anticipate page or contact:


Suzana Koelet

Scientific Advisor

Strategic Research Team

Tel. +32 2 600 50 80


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