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ESI Expo-Sciences International

Quand ? Du 19/07/2015 à 09:00
au 25/07/2015 à 20:00
Où ? Tour & Taxis

The MILSET Expo-Sciences International (ESI) aim at promoting scientific projects created by children and young people around the World through an exhibition in a multi-cultural environment, also allowing the participation of institutions which want to assist young people in their projects.

The programme of the Expo-Sciences International consists of a variety of activities: cultural and scientific visits, leisure activities, the exhibition of projects, workshops, animation and conferences.

Participating in an ESI is an opportunity to:

  • Install and animate a space to highlight youngsters’, teachers’ and leaders’ efforts and interest in research, science and technology innovation, enhancing their motivation while contributing to their personal development.

  • Establish relationships with other institutions with similar goals through the development of scientific, technical and social projects in order to exchange ideas and create actions according to the needs of today’s world, for the benefit of industry, the educational sector and society at large.

  • Be represented at an international level through the young peoples’ projects, allowing for the spreading of knowledge amongst the main target audience (i.e. young people).

  • Promote Scientific Culture in a multi-cultural environment, allowing the sharing of experience and good practice so as to achieve higher-standard scientific activities.

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